Soft Blue Italian Tie

This Soft Blue Italian Tie silk tie is incredibly popular due to its ease to match and compliment a wide range of suits & shirts.

See yourself wearing this both is a business and casual setting.

The silk is tightly woven together with a reasonable 430 thread count.

Providing the wearer with a durable tie, without sacrificing the softness and elegance we’ve all come to love with silk.

The materials are sourced from a  silk mill in Florence, Italy.

Then the tie is crafted entirely by hand here in Liverpool, England.

We’ve purposely made this tie slightly longer than your typical, ‘off the rack’ ties, freeing you to express yourself further with creative knots, such as the Windsor & St. Andrews knot.

A full canvas interface was used to ensure your tie remains crisp and wrinkle free for decades to come.

Length:  165cm or 65inch

Width: 9cm

Material: Italian Silk

Guarantee: Up to 6 month returns


The Process:

1. We ask our clients what they are missing in their wardrobe

2. We want to come up with a design that is going to make people jealous when you wear it

3. We carefully hand make it in our workshop in Liverpool, UK 

4. Ideally packaged for gifts in a beautiful box.

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