Luxury Dots Socks

Dots Socks Brought to You By Mensfinest

Dots socks bring a marriage of style, quality and rich materials to your feet.

On sliding your feet into your new socks you’ll feel where that extra money was invested.

Crafted from premium fine cotton and carefully woven spandex, to give you a fit which feels comfortable, durable and breathable.

This unique blend of materials guarantees more mileage than store brand cotton or even bamboo socks, which are known to lose shape and tear upon frequent usage.

The business socks are designed for men who want and need strong broad colours which work with a combination of your suits and formal wear.

The casual design is for those who are searching for socks which easily compliments your attire.

 The colourful socks are of course, designed for men who want a loud design which demonstrates their unique style and strong personality.

All shipping is 100% completely free worldwide - whether you're in cold Oslo or sunny California.

And as always, each purchase through Mensfinest is inclusive of our premium satisfaction guarantee. Which means, if you're not 100% completely satisfied with the quality of the socks, or if you change your mind we will issue you a full refund.

One Size.

41-46 Eur

8-11 UK/US


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