Smooth Beauty Black Velvet Bow Tie

*Exclusive Private Collection*

This Smooth Beauty Black Velvet Bow Tie is made of Italian Fine Velvet purchased in Como Area

Colour - Black Smooth

It Looks Awesome:


This is a very formal approach to bow tie wearing.

Formal Events and Dinner Gala's would be where you would most likely wear this bow tie.

Keep it handy for all year long, however most parties are happening around November/December time.

This bow tie would normally go well with any Black Tie events, but i would not shy away from trying to pull it off during more casual settings.

Thick, warm, overcoat will go well with it as well, especially when is black or navy.

I have personally wore it a few time around Liverpool, to see people reactions.


The Process

There are few stages when we test our products.

First we carefully select our fabrics, we need to play on what people are wanting to wear and what will push them slightly out of comfort zone.

Secondly, Our bow ties are not the standard one you will find on a high street.

Thirdly, we care about where are they made and how much effort goes into making them.

Finally, we think that they can help people be more confident and get more compliments.

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