Shoreditch Denim - Bow Tie

This is hands down one of most edgy bow ties. Defying the rules for classical British fashion by giving it a street appeal.

Unkown to many but this is not real denim. You see, denim is too tough & unmalleable to capture the full butterfly bow tie shape.

Instead, I've used 100% British cotton, dyed in a waikawa grey. The bow tie feels not rough but soft, not flat but full and not rigid but flexible.

Wear this bow tie with white, brown, or even a deep green shirt. This pairs well with denim, tweed, and leather jackets. Dark wash jeans or navy chinos.

The adjustable sizes will fit your neck, while the inner stitching works to keep your bow tie firm without losing its shape - granting years of use.

Buy this today and own one of fifteen crafted in the world, while enjoying our generous 6-month full money back guarantee.

Product details:
Size: fully adjustable from 14'' to 20''

Self-tied (comes with instructions)

Free worldwide shipping

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