Pale Yellow Soft Blue Flowers Bow Tie

*Exclusive Private Collection*

This Pale Yellow Soft Blue Flowers Bow Tie is made of English Fine Cotton purchased locally from one of the Merchants here in Liverpool.

Colour - Pale Yellow with Soft Blue Flowers in it. 

It Looks Awesome:

This is a casual approach to bow tie wearing.

Parties and casual get together will certainly make this bow tie a topic of conversation.

I would normally keep this bow tie for the Autumn/Spring time, where there is a bit of sunshine but there is still lots of shivery, dark, wet condition outside. 

This bow tie would normally go well with any tweeds, tougher jackets, something that is cater towards colder weather.

Thick, warm, overcoat will go well especially if it is in your greens and browns.

It feels like you are in the right place - green, though cotton, slightly thicker than your mama's skirt.

Bold and manly.

Butterfly shape, fully adjustable, needs to be tied every time.

We could not figure out at first how would people react to it.

Would they like, would they not, what is going to make them want to wear it.

But we stopped and looked at the fabric again.

We were in awe, so will be you.

I have personally wore it a few time around Liverpool, to see people reactions.

I pair it with different outfits, white shirt, checked shirt, plain shirt, etc. and in most cases I saw a massive positive reaction when i paired it with darker outfit, Jack WIlls kind of style. 


The Process

There are few stages when we test our products.

First we carefully select our fabrics, we need to play on what people are wanting to wear and what will push them slightly out of comfort zone.

Secondly, Our bow ties are not the standard one you will find on a high street.

Thirdly, we care about where are they made and how much effort goes into making them.

Finally, we think that they can help people be more confident and get more compliments.

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