Paisley Black Massive Butterfly Bow Tie

This Paisley Black Massive Butterfly Bow Tie is made out of English Cotton from Huddersfield.

Colour - Paisley Black with Hints of Pure White.

And just have a look how different of a shape it has got:

This is definitely one for a casual look.

Anything with prints being so bold and obvious needs to go to the casual sphere straightaway.

It is perfect for Winter Time.

But due to sophisticated shape you have to see it in person to really appreciate its beauty.

Or watch the video above.

Keep it casual, keep it classy though.

Roll your sleeves up, but some washed jeans and some boots.

I would also perhaps have a go at pairing this bow tie with a darker jackets and Denim.

That would definitely got some attention.

This is oversized butterfly shape bow tie, with fully adjustable 14-20inch strap.

Once you have got a Navy, Red or Flowery patterned bow ties in your collection, this one is the next to follow.

It is bold, it says I want to be visible, but creating it we had exactly that in mind!


The Process

There are few stages when we test our products.

First we carefully select our fabrics, we need to play on what people are wanting to wear and what will push them slightly out of comfort zone.

Secondly, Our bow ties are not the standard one you will find on a high street.

Thirdly, we care about where are they made and how much effort goes into making them.

Finally, we think that they can help people be more confident and get more compliments.

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