Mother Nature Grayish Yellow Bow Tie

*Exclusive Private Collection*

Material used for this bow tie is pure cotton bought in our local market in Liverpool from a well established Merchant. Extremely soft touch material. 

In the real world it looks very much the same as on the pictures:

Colour - Greyish Yellow
This Mother Nature bow tie is more suited to a business casual, formal wear, when you do not want any distraction from you are saying or how you conduct business. 

It means business.

I like wearing it everyday.

Cause of the brightness of the colour and how easily it says to everyone that you have entered the room.  

I would also easily wore it with jeans and Lemon shirt, with my sleeves rolled up.

I would keep it together with yellows, lemons, blues and navys, maybe a bit of burnt orange would not hurt.
It is like wearing confidence, it enters the room with you.

It is fully regulated from 14inch to 20inch.

It is a large butterfly bow tie shape.


The Process

There are few stages when we test our products.

First we carefully select our fabrics, we need to play on what people are wanting to wear and what will push them slightly out of comfort zone.

Secondly, Our bow ties are not the standard one you will find on a high street.

Thirdly, we care about where are they made and how much effort goes into making them.

Finally, we think that they can help people be more confident and get more compliments.

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