Men's Bespoke Shirt

Express your uniqueness and choose from: 

  • 1,000+ textures
  • 25 neckline and sleeve options.
  • 2 monogram styles

All you need is to unleash your creativity and assemble your bespoke shirt. But don't worry, we are here to help you and guide you through the process.

Our Guarantee:
Whatever shirt we create together, it will always be one price - regardless of how many variations, add-ons, monograms you are going to go for.
If there any needs for modifications, we will do them free of charge.

What is happening next?

Express your preference, choose between

  • One single purchase
  • Monthly Subscription

What is the subscription model?
Subscribe and save 47%. We measure you once and you receive your shirt each month, created by you under the care of our expertise.

Once you purchase your preferred option, you will receive an email with the instructions to book your consultation call.
During the video call, you will be carefully assisted in your custom shirt creation.

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