Instant Winner Deep Blue and Soft Orange Square Bow Tie

This material is English Cotton from Liverpool in a beautiful Deep Blue and Soft Orange Colour. 

Seriously - Soft Orange is a Colour and this is how it looks like.

This bow tie could definitely be worn in a casual setting, due to its pattern being clearly defined.

Your friends are going to think that you are actually wearing some mysterious yet awesome piece of clothing.
You can use this Deep Blue and Soft Orange Square Bow Tie All seasons.

I can see this bow tie being worn with white shirts, deep green and brown colours shirts, great for when you need to put a jumper on.

Overall a great all year rounder.

My suggestion would be to perhaps style it with Denim, but also black leather jackets and some dark wash jeans or Navy chinos.

This bow tie is going to defend itself in almost all style situations.

Try to wear it also with a tweed blazer.
This is simple butterfly shape bow tie, with fully adjustable 14-20inch strap.

You can create smaller knots if you make it tighter, due to material being easy to manipulate.
This bow tie is entirely made by hand here in Liverpool and we had to use some unique interlining to preserve the softness of it, yet gives it enough room to be stretched and pulled.

We took it downtown Liverpool and people loved it!

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