Cobalt Blue Dots Silk Tie

With a deep blue background and time honoured spot pattern, this tie demonstrates class.

A conservative twist of white and yellow dots adds a subtle flair to this deep blue colour.  Making this tie easy to match with your navy & grey suits.

We hand selected the silk from Milan, Italy, which feels textured yet smooth to the touch.  The tie was then handcrafted together by a skilled tailor, here in Liverpool, England.

We’ve purposely made this tie slightly longer than your typical, ‘off the rack’ ties, freeing you to express yourself further with creative knots, such as the Windsor & St. Andrews knot.

A full canvas interface was used to ensure your tie remains crisp and wrinkle free for decades to come.

Length:  165cm or 65inch

Width: 9cm

Material: Italian Silk

Guarantee: Up to 6 month returns

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