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How Fast is the Delivery?

From the initial confirmation process, confirming the sizing, colours, and materials required, there is usually an average 3-week delay from approval to delivery.

There is also an express service available, which will allow the delivery to be reduced to 7 working days.

If you're still looking to boost this delivery time even further, there is a super express delivery option delivering your shirt in 2 working days.


Why should I get a subscription if I only need one shirt?

The average bespoke dress shirts are normally in the region of £160 ($200) per shirt; with our custom-made shirt subscription service, you can save on average 40% with us at Bespoke Shirt Club.


What happens if I am not happy with quality of material?

With our choice of Italian, British & Egyptian cotton materials to choose from, our professional tailor Micahel Frackowiak can help to find an ideal material to suit your preferences if you are not satisfied with your initial choice.


What happens if i need something resized?

Our priority is you receiving high quality, bespoke dress shirts that fit you. We will not be satisfied if you are not, get in touch and we’ll be happy to make the necessary alterations to suit your sizing.